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Welcome to OLG Reports, a resource that allows the public to learn more about OLG’s lotteries than ever before.

Thanks to OLG’s new Data Analysis and Retrieval Technology (DART), more information about the games and numbers customers play is available to OLG customers at the click of a mouse.

DART is a tool that OLG uses to help detect and prevent potential fraud. The DART system – the most powerful of its kind in the industry – empowers OLG to search its record of lottery transactions quicker than ever before. Searches now take mere seconds or minutes, instead of months.

DART enhances the integrity of OLG’s lotteries, further protecting the interests of customers and the people of Ontario.

OLG will enhance the customer experience by using DART to deliver, through this microsite, unprecedented amounts of lottery-related trends through this microsite and statistical information, including an up-to-date list of regions where unclaimed, high-value tickets were sold.

Bookmark this page to see bi-monthly updates on where winning tickets of $10,000 or more were sold, and important information on unclaimed tickets.